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 Jewish Fiction .net celebrating its 4th birthday at the Ashkenaz Festival (August 31, 2014), where actors Marilyn Lightstone and David Mandelbaum read stories from Jewish Fiction .net to a packed house.

(Left to right: Marilyn Lightstone, Nora Gold, David Mandelbaum)



Enjoy this video, "What Is Jewish Fiction?"

From Dr. Nora Gold's introductory remarks while moderating the panel, "Writing and Publishing Jewish Fiction: Past, Present and Future," at the Toronto Jewish Literary Festival - June 5, 2013 




Photos from "Writing and Publishing Jewish Fiction: Past, Present and Future," at the Toronto Jewish Literary Festival - June 5, 2013

 This panel included (from left to right): Nora Gold, Cary Fagan, and Beverly Slopen.  






Jewish Fiction .net at the Kisufim Conference on Jewish Writers & Poets 

Jerusalem, February 5-8, 2013


This panel on Jewish fiction and poetry in English included (from left to right) Robert Pinsky, Nora Gold, Marcia Falk, Nathan Englander, and Joshua Cohen. 



The panel below was on Jewish literary journals produced in Hebrew, Russian, and English.

In these photos: Bambi Sheleg (Eretz Acheret), Nora Gold (Jewish Fiction .net), Hava Pinhas-Cohen (Director of Kisufim; poet). (Also on this panel, but not in these photos: Nekoda Singer and Gali-Dana Singer, Nekudotayim, & Eran Tzelgov, Daka




 Enjoy these great photos of Jewish Fiction .net's 2nd birthday party!

Celebrated at the Toronto Jewish Book Festival, June 6, 2012

with wonderful readings by eminent writers Morley Torgov, George Jonas, and Nora Gold 

George Jonas & Nora Gold


Nora Gold


George Jonas, Nora Gold & Morley Torgov  

Greetings and shana tova!

Have you ever wondered how Jewish Fiction .net came into being or how it operates day-to-day? I think if you knew, you’d be surprised. So let me tell you a bit about Jewish Fiction .net and also about myself.

Five years ago I had a dream to create a literary journal of first-rate Jewish fiction from around the world. There was nothing like this then, and there still isn’t, except for Jewish Fiction .net.

This dream was embraced by numerous international writers, scholars and editors (some of whom joined the Jewish Fiction .net  Advisory Council), and also by a talented group of volunteers from the USA and Canada.

Over the next five years, Jewish Fiction .net grew beyond my wildest imaginings. To date, we have published over 250 works of fiction, originally written in 14 languages and on five continents, that had never before been published in English, and it humbles me to know that we have readers from 140 countries.

Because of how quickly we’ve grown, people often talk about Jewish Fiction .net as if it were located in a large office, filled with paid staff.

Let me correct this perception.

I head a team of eight (part-time) volunteers who manage the administration of this journal and also review and edit all the manuscripts. None of us are paid for what we do, me included. For us it’s never been about the money, and no one has ever taken money for the work they’ve put into this journal. The donations Jewish Fiction .net has received till now have covered only overhead costs such as website maintenance and support, contract consultations, etc.

For everyone on our team, this is a labour of love.

I chose to run Jewish Fiction .net this way because to me it has always been a top priority to provide this journal free of charge, so that anyone who wants to read it will be able to.

Now, however, we are at a crossroads.

Because of the great success of Jewish Fiction .net — we are flooded with submissions, and now have significantly more administrative and editorial work than before — our original model of operating (just with volunteers) is no longer viable. We have no choice now but to hire paid staff in order to keep this journal running.

No one is looking to make a profit from Jewish Fiction .net. We simply want it to continue to operate, and at the same high level of quality that it always has.

To accomplish this, we need your help.

I don't want to imagine a world without Jewish Fiction .net. So today we are launching our most ambitious fundraising campaign to date, with a goal of $50,000 to ensure the continuation of this journal.

Creating Jewish Fiction .net has been one of the most gratifying and joyous experiences of my life. Today I ask that you join me as a partner in this great work.

The High Holydays are approaching, so I find myself reflecting on what really matters in life.

To me, one thing that really matters is writing, reading, and sharing Jewish stories that reflect our common past, present and future as Jews. I take pride in the part I’ve played in cultivating Jewish Fiction .net as the only English-language journal in the world (in print or online) devoted exclusively to publishing Jewish fiction. And Jewish fiction is important not just for its literary value, but because it tells the stories of our people, a legacy for generations to come.

This is a pivotal moment, so I ask you to be bold. Now is not the time to delay or stint your support. We are in an urgent situation and the future of this journal depends on you.

Shana tova,

Dr. Nora Gold, Editor
Jewish Fiction .net

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