Issue 24

March 2020 / Pesach 5780

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

In these challenging, uncertain times in which we find ourselves, the new Pesach issue of Jewish Fiction .net is being published a few weeks earlier than usual, in the hope that the power of great literature will help to distract you from the current crisis and provide you with some comfort and pleasure. Issue 24 includes 16 beautiful stories originally written in English, Hungarian, and Hebrew. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, two of them are about Pesach. (more)
Tal Nitzan
Each and Every Child

It was through three mists and three mistakes that Alex saw Eli for the first time.   (more...)

Gábor T. Szántó
The First Christmas

He was shuffling among the Christmas tree vendors in the Lehel Square Market.   (more...)

Rob Granader
The Kippah Drawer

The drawer was stuffed. When he tugged at the wooden knob, a fluff of velvet and satin bulged out.   (more...)

Nessa Rapoport

One loves, the other is loved: so Nana taught us.   (more...)

Nava Semel
Fanny and Gabriel

Once upon a time in Bukovina. A fairytale name, like a literary invention, there's no point searching for it on a map...   (more...)


Mendele Mokher Seforim
The Trade

In the month when we increase our joy, that time of melting snows, ruined roads and much mud, the Children of Israel...   (more...)


Leonid Newhouse
The House of Cards

When I was growing up, few things worried me more than the state of my father’s back.   (more...)

Yael Medini
Pale Blue Valley

“Here I go again, my love, saying that you haven’t changed. Not one little bit.   (more...)

Levana Moshon
Milk and Honey

The first thing he got to know was her milky hand: white, slender, soft as velvet.   (more...)


Shawn C. Harris

All the stories say the same thing: Don’t. Don’t eat the food, no matter how tasty it looks or how hungry you are...   (more...)


Martin Itzkowitz
The Labors of Leonard Vogel

Putting on his overshoes and about to begin his working day, Leonard Vogel heard his wife call from the next room   (more...)

Patricia Black-Gould
The Crystal Beads

Mama bought me a beautiful necklace on my sixth birthday. “This is a special present.” She held up crystal beads that sparkled...   (more...)

Remy Maisel
The Guest

Nina dropped her fork back onto her plate. “Are we done yet?” “It's time to fill Elijah’s cup,” Mom said.   (more...)

Steven Mayoff
Blue Chip

The waitress has dark rings under her eyes, barely concealed by flaking make-up.   (more...)

Joan Gurfield
Daniel’s Wife

At night that summer the sounds of the piano, especially the low notes, rang out, sonorous, in the dark.   (more...)


Emily Alice Katz
Q & A

Leaving the candidate’s file on the mahogany desk, in his study at home, was the first thing that Moss Erlich fumbled that day.   (more...)


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