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Watch here our webinar (April 28): Exploring Jewish Women's Fiction as Mirrors Into Jewish Women's Lives

Welcome to our Purim & Pesach issue! In honour of these joyful holidays and the tenth anniversary year of Jewish Fiction .net, we bring you an especially rich issue of Jewish Fiction .net: 23 marvelous stories originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. These include a story about Purim (“
The Feast of Esther”), two about Pesach (What Elijah Brought” andPlagued”), and one that is intentionally set in between these two holidays (Serah”). The first two of these four stories take place during Covid.

We also invite you to enjoy Jewish Fiction .net by joining us for our first-ever online program - or, if you missed it, by watching it here: Exploring Jewish Women's Fiction as Mirrors Into Jewish Women's Lives. Hosted by the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute, Dr. Nora Gold, our editor, discusses some of the women's writing in Jewish Fiction .net and interviews two authors (one Israeli, one American) from our new issue. 

In Issue 26: 

A Crocodile in the Kinneret  – a story by Sharon Forman
A Friend   – a story by Beth Adelman 
Added Value  – a story by Vered Singer (translated from Hebrew)
Annie  – a story by Miriam Kresh
Belgian  – a story by Jeffrey Wolf
Clay Turtles  – a story by Sagit Emet (translated from Hebrew)
Good Thing There Aren't any Children in this Story  – a story by Merav Zaks-Portal (translated from Hebrew)
New Life   – a story by Amanda Miller 
Nothing the Same, Everything Haunted  –a novel excerpt by Gary Barwin
Pendulum Swing  – a story by Ezra Solway
Plagued   – a story by Maureen Sherbondy 
Serah   – a story by Nora Houri-Haim (translated from Hebrew)
The Carpenter’s Sister  – a novel excerpt by Mira Magen (translated from Hebrew)
The Feast of Esther  – a story by Robert Hersowitz 
The Illusion  – a story by Rachel Luria (translated from Yiddish)
The Interval  – a story by Anna Gotlieb
The Jewish Wonder of the Vineland Little League  – a story by Bethanie Gorny
The Prodigal’s Bar Mitzvah Speech  – a story by Henry Alan Paper
The Women of Tahiti   – a story by Ann S. Epstein
Umbrella   – a story by Leonid Pekarovsky (translated from Hebrew)
Welcome to Otisville  – a story by Jonathan Stone
What Elijah Brought  – a story by Carolyn Ivy Stein
Worthy Editor  – a story by Diane Lederman 

We wish you and yours good health and good spirits, and hope that our new issue will bring you insights, solace, and pleasure.

Happy Purim and Happy Pesach! from all of us at

Jewish Fiction .net


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