Issue 15

April, 2015 / Pesach 5775

Welcome to this wonderful new issue of Jewish Fiction .net! Here you will find 20 first-rate works of fiction, originally written in Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew and English. These include a new translation of Isaac Babel's Red Cavalry, four novel excerpts by Israeli writers, a story translated from Yiddish, and from the Netherlands, United States and Canada, 14 terrific stories. Also, in keeping with the Pesach holiday which starts this Friday night, several of these 20 stories relate to the themes of servitude and freedom. (more)

Isaac Babel
Red Cavalry

The sixth division commander reported that Novograd-Volynsk was taken today at dawn.   (more...)

Edna Shemesh
The Sand Dunes of Paris

Albert first became aware that Anais existed before he’d seen either her face or her body.   (more...)

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen
One Night, Markovitch

Yaacov Markovitch wasn't ugly. Which is not to say he was handsome.   (more...)

Benjamin Tammuz
Chameleon and Nightingale

After lunch they called me into the office and put me on the scales.   (more...)

Boris Sandler
Red Shoes for Rachel

If they were trying to account for their meeting and acquaintance, they could probably have done it with a single statement...   (more...)

Ruth Knafo Setton
Hunger - Ra'av

Hebrew moves from right to left, forces a complete re-orientation to the page.   (more...)

Maria Bloyshteyn
Roza Naumovna's Recipes: Sour Cabbage Soup

So now you come. Nu, better late than never.   (more...)

Thane Rosenbaum
Gimpel of Surfside

When walking upright began to define the human species, running—with fleetness and determination—was the mode of action that signaled urgency   (more...)

Yitzhak Laor
The People, Food for Kings

For soldiers the world is open but the country is shut and locked.   (more...)

Olga Klinger
America for Breakfast

We left it all back there at the airport gate, behind the cage-like bars that separated those who said goodbye from those who left.   (more...)

Shoshana Razel Gordon Guedalia

It’s 5:00 pm on a Saturday when the drowning incident transpires.   (more...)

Gerald Tulchinsky
The Tenth Man

Of course, it was entirely my fault. I should have known what was likely to happen.   (more...)

Chester Aaron
A Brief History of A Long War

Yesterday afternoon, after the longest break in our phone conversations in more than fifty years, I called Chetan.   (more...)

Nathalie Alyon
Soldiers on Crystal Horses

Everything changed that summer, all at once, and without warning.   (more...)

Patricia Greene
The Disappearance of Mr. Harry Golden

Of course, he should have taken the elevator.   (more...)

Eric Dreyer Smith
What They Knew

Mrs. Petersen knew what they were doing up the road.   (more...)

Mackie Levine

It was the twenty-fourth of December and it was snowing.   (more...)

Abby Rosenthal
Blue Suit

The day my father died, I was a long way from home.   (more...)

Rebecca Klempner
Mick Revises A Love Story

Michelle dumped me the third week of August.   (more...)

Mary Dingee Fillmore
Underground in Amsterdam

As she scanned the faces of the other five workers she’d been trained not to recognize, Rachel was sure she’d seen the old man.   (more...)


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