Issue 14

September, 2014 / Rosh Hashana 5775

Welcome to this wonderful new issue of Jewish Fiction .net! Here are 19 (chai +1!) fabulous stories and novel excerpts, originally written in English, French, and Hebrew. And with Rosh Hashana fast approaching, you’ll find three of these stories particularly relevant to this special time of year. One is set on Rosh Hashana, another’s set on Sukkot, and the third is perfect for the Shabbat after Simchat Torah when we read Parshat Bereshit. (more)

Nora Gold
Fields of Exile

Judith puts in her favourite tape, Israel at Forty. She listens to a line or two of “The Honey and the Bee Sting”   (more...)

Steve Stern
The Pinch

Once upon a bone-dry July afternoon, a solitary pack peddler by the name of Pinchas Pinsker came down the road.   (more...)

David Bezmozgis
The Betrayers

Tankilevich rang the bell to be admitted into the Hesed and waited for some time for a response.   (more...)

Joan Leegant
The Innocent

My father calls to me from the other end of the apartment, his voice thin and urgent.   (more...)

Margueya Novick

The back window in Rabbi Schwartzman's office looked out at his students—and, he believed, their hearts   (more...)

Ofir Oz

On the third day into the war, the first rocket landed in Beersheva. People equipped themselves   (more...)

Ross Ufberg
Love Makes A Fool of the Wise

My cousin Marty Godsick had a heart attack last Wednesday. They brought him into the ER at Mt. Sinai   (more...)

Nomi Eve
The Deerskin Torah

The first time Herschel Lefletsky’s suspicions were aroused was the day that the scribe from Dubno came   (more...)

Sarit Yishai-Levi
The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

Shortly before my eighteenth birthday my mother Luna passed away.   (more...)

Emmanuel Kattan
Paths of Desire

Daniel finally fell asleep. Despite the shaking of the bus, despite his neighboursʼ animated conversations   (more...)

Eshkol Nevo
The Lost Solos

You’d think a story like this would have spread by word of mouth, whispered in stairwells or bedrooms   (more...)

April Laufer

Eve looks up from her task. There is an eerie quiet all about her. For a brief moment, she closes her eyes   (more...)

Rena Rossner

Aunt Masha was furious when Uncle Eli, a furniture seller by profession, spilled wine on the white tablecloth   (more...)

Zachary Solomon
Shiva for Gerbils

The paper posted on the peeling elevator wall featured a portrait of an old man with large glasses   (more...)

Norman Danzig
The Brownstein Vanish

The phone call came on Sunday evening; there was no hello. “I’m dying,” Brownstein said.   (more...)

Susan Lowinger
Three Visitors to Mitzpe Yoav

Behind me, the city of Tsfat nestles into the neighboring mountain. The kabbalists say that the Holy One   (more...)

Gloria Garfunkel
No Sanctuary

Lying flat on the grass where the table would be, I gazed at the criss-crossed wooden slats, cornstalks   (more...)

Don Cohen
Ten Dollars

When I was seven or eight and my grandfather was about the age I am now, he told me this story:   (more...)

Bill Teitelbaum
Kaminer Lodge

Wedged like a rolled carpet in the back seat of the Dodge, Appleman watches as the first moon of summer rises   (more...)

Nora Gold
Fields of Exile (standalone sent out in May 2014)

A glorious sunny day in September, and after a one-hour drive, Judith arrives at the gates to the university in Dunhill, Ontario.   (more...)



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