Issue 13

April, 2014 / Pesach 5774

Welcome to this special issue of Jewish Fiction .net! It's hard to believe that this is our 13th (our bar mitzvah!) issue - so in honour of this, you’ll find two stories here involving bar mitzvahs. This is also, of course, our Pesach issue, so here you have, as well, two Pesach stories (plus another half of one: the Appelfeld excerpt, which starts on Purim and ends on Pesach). In addition, we bring you 13 (!) first-rate works of fiction, originally written in Russian, Spanish, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. Altogether 18 (chai) stories for your pleasure. (more)

Aharon Appelfeld
Suddenly, Love

On Purim Irena prepares a platter of hamentashn and dried fruit.   (more...)

Rivka Miriam
Trading Places

Ever since that writer visited us, I have been going mad with jealousy.   (more...)

Varda Fiszbein
The Guest

Intuition or luck? The opportunity was in his hands and he knew how to seize it.   (more...)

Jonathan Wilson
Hotel Cinema

Secular, tolerant, sun-soaked Tel Aviv was one of the world’s favored destinations for gay travellers...   (more...)

Miron Izakson
Aliza with Child

In Rami’s class, there are twenty-two to twenty-four students.   (more...)

Gina Roitman
The Key

“You’re not dead? I’m going to kill you!” “I’m okay,” I say, but that doesn’t stop my mother from yelling.   (more...)

Sharon Leder
Letter to Mr. Carney

“Sara, I beg you, don’t do it!” Her mother’s cry came from the kitchen.   (more...)

Mikhail Morgulis
The Two

Here they are sitting with their anemic skinny fingers separating the mouliné threads.   (more...)

Andrew Potok
My Father's Keeper

My mother yells from the front seat, “They are coming again.” Stunned and terror-stricken...   (more...)

Sara (Susan) Avitzour
Fellow Travelers

Rachel inched along the Gare de Lyon platform, lugging a bulging suitcase in her right hand.   (more...)

Susan Sasson
When Pari Was A Bride

She was twenty-one years old. Too old, she thought, to ever get married now.   (more...)

Amichai Shalev

“Where are we, Boaz? Are you sure you didn’t take a wrong turn?”   (more...)

Eric Maroney
The Sad Hungarian

“Where is Gunther? He’s supposed to be here.” The old men looked at Shaul.   (more...)

Yente Serdatsky
Platonic Love

He was a nice man, and older than forty. He was average height, well built...   (more...)

Sharon Solwitz

Melissa’s mother was dead, siblings scattered in distant towns, her childhood nothing she wanted to revisit...   (more...)

Cliff Lamm
Bellies Full of Chow

Down the torn-up dirt and gravel road, bound by second-growth hemlock and pine, sat stark, white red-roofed buildings...   (more...)

Larry N. Mayer
Frieda Metzger at the Wall

It’s not like anyone else in the family approved of this. But on September 22, 1957, two days before the very last out of the final Dodgers game...   (more...)

Daniel Martin
To Life

I come home late on the night of my thirteenth birthday, slowly unlocking, opening, and closing the door behind me...   (more...)



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