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ISSUE 1     September 29, 2010 / Hoshana Rabba 5771 

Birmajer, Marcelo Tale Two
Gold, Alan David A Wife to Captain Dreyfus
Gold, Nora Exile
Josipovici, Gabriel The Plot Against the Giant
Kaniuk, Yoram Post Mortem
Kissileff, Beth Willing Donor
Lax, Leah Munya’s Story
Pinkus, Yirmi The Historical Cabaret of Professor Fabrikant
Rosenbaum, Thane The Day the Brooklyn Dodgers Finally Died
Rosenfarb, Chava April 19th
Semel, Nava Paper Bride
Stern, Steve Avigdor of the Apes
Wiesel, Elie The Sonderberg Case

ISSUE 2     November 29, 2010 / Kaf-tet B’November 5771

Almog, Ruth Rachel Stern, in Rome, Meets Fellini
Avni-Levy, Yossi Auntie Farhuma Wasn’t a Whore After All
Furman, Andrew Jewfish
Hareven, Gail Happiness
Hart-Green, Sharon A Sign
Kaufman, Alan The Blue Angels
Mendels, Ora Family Wars: A Novel of Modern Israel
Perle, Yehoshue An Encounter, 1905
Rapoport, Nessa Saving Mr. Mackenzie
Sinclair, Clive Death & Taxes
Uszerowicz, Victor Yom Kippur Kielbasa
Weiss, Miriam Nameless
Weizman, Janice Interruption

ISSUE 3     February 24, 2011 / 20th of Adar I, 5771

Castel-Bloom, Orly Shifra
Chernin, Kim My Sister and the Kabbalist
Grenimann, Yehiel The Seder
Jaffe, Daniel M. Shehechianu
Krasner, Barbara The Guardian
Labensohn, Judy Every Man A Lamb
Orner, Peter One of Us
Rosett, Racelle T'shuva
Savery Raz, Dan Shuffle
Shankman, Helen The Messiah
Zach, Natan The Ghost in the Desk
Zarchi, Nurit Purple Bowls

ISSUE 4     June 21, 2011 / 19th of Sivan, 5771

Adaf, Shimon Sunburnt Faces
Beck, Mordechai Family Theatre
Benaron, Naomi The Pickpocket
Feuerman, Ruchama Mother’s Milk
Jenoff, Pamela The Things We Cherished
Kuic, Gordana Encounter: A Conversation Between Two Converts
Leib, Mark First Fight
Liebrecht, Savyon Brigitta’s Man
Lippmann, Sara Talisman
Megged, Aharon Longing for Olga
Monheit, Simi Decent Exposure
Moyse, Lewis A Miami Tale
Vapnyar, Lara Baby in the Snow

ISSUE 5     September 28, 2011 / Rosh Hashanah 5772

Appelfeld, Aharon Until the Dawn's Light
Azran, Raquelle The Dormitory of Wandering Souls
Baruch, Susan A Perfect Confluence
Carmi, Daniella Summer Honey
Coren, Jonathan Pidyon Haben
Golub, Ellen Menachem Mendel Loses His Faith
Gorshman, Shira Life and Light
Highman, Mark The Pink Tzitzis
Katzir, Judith Matisse Has the Sun in His Belly
Nadler, Ben Harvitz, As To War
Skolnik, Fred Justine’s Choice
Walowitz, Charles To Long Meadow
Zeitlin, Marianne The Forty-niners

ISSUE 6     December 6, 2011 / 10th of Kislev 5772

Agnon, S.Y. And The Crooked Shall Be Made Straight
Damski, Leah Explosions
Jonas, George Me: A Novel
Kaminsky, Leah The Waiting Room
Kanovich, Grigory There's No Heaven For Slaves
Klein, Mel Nu Yu
Manea, Norman Place of Birth
Moses, Jennifer Anne Beautiful World
Noy, Edna I Was There
Pripstein-Lane, Lia Cousins
Rotem, Judith Mourning
Skolkin-Smith, Leora A Tape of Helen Gilderstein Speaking
Vapni, Zvi Say You Remember

ISSUE 7     April 3, 2012 / Pesach 5772

Burger, Michael City of Gold
Domas, Jasminka Purimspiel
Golan, Avirama The Ravens
Kaiser, Menachem Din
Karpinovich, Abraham The Red Flag
Kason, Daniel Sons of the Desert
Levi, Mario Where Were You When Darkness Fell
Ludwig, Sidura The Flag
Magen, Mira Do Not Strike the Wall
Newman, Roberta Moyshe from Modvelt
Olman, Ezra The Attempted Destruction of Herr Neumann
Sivan, Miryam The Keys
Susman, John A California Seder
Torgov, Morley The Mastersinger from Minsk

ISSUE 8     August 15, 2012 / 27th of Av 5772

Bache, Ellyn The Binding
Bar-Yosef, Yosef Who Gives A Damn About Dreams?
Berdugo, Sami Orphans
Birstein, Ann Another Cousin
Eliav, Eva Me and Yolanda
Gefen, Shira Very Little
Goldin, Farideh Hot Summer Days
Goldstein, Richard Jay Bound
Lefkowitz, Larry Bus Ride
Makofsky, Robert Avi
Neugeboren, Jay The Other Side of the World
Sacerdote, Ben-Yitshak Rafael and Miriam
Schwartz, Don The Translator
Steimberg, Alicia Innocent Spirit
Wiesel, Elie Hostage

ISSUE 9     December 6, 2012 / Chanukah 5773

Benick, Gail Hawkeye
Dreifus, Erika Rio, 1940
Franzus-Garfinkle, Sheindl Rochl and the World of Ideas
Green, Gila Roller Coaster
Kleinman, Susan The Fourth Crown
Lazar, Hadara A Local Affair
Lipszyc, Carol Liberation: Two Train Stories
Medini, Yael Assisted Living
Roger, Robin Eulogy
Rosenfeld, Dalia Amnon
Shua, Ana Maria A Nice Boy from a Good Family
Singer, Rochelle F. Winds
Unterman, Yael Glove
Varon, Miri A Time of Love

ISSUE 10     April, 2013 / Yom Hazikaron & Yom Haatzmaut 5773

Arad, Maya Omsk
Avni, Yoav What If?
Berger, Lili The Teacher Zaminski and his Pupil Rifkele
Bram, Shahar The Trial
Cosaşu, Radu Bibliography
Gutfreund, Amir Trieste
Hellmann, Bryna A Great Cry in Egypt
Hirschmann, Ezra Hester's Folly
Karmona, Eliya The Washerwoman's Daughter
Lavigne, Michael The Wanting
Lyons, Len The Visitors
Mazya, Edna The Unsatisfied
Roberts Banet, Marlene Bia and Abe
Šomlo, Ana Milena's Letters to Kafka
Yehoshua, A.B. The Retrospective
Zylberberg, Sonia Vashti to the Rescue

ISSUE 11     September 4, 2013 / Rosh Hashana 5774

Baum, Burt Samuel the Shaker
Cetlin, Bob Dry Bread
Fiszbein, Varda Far From Home
Gavron, Assaf Today is Costa Rica
Green, Katie Jerusalem
Haber, Gordon The Real Story of Nigel Embo
Hendel, Yehudit Crack-up
Heskia, Karin Gertie
Kaveh, Avshalom Haunted by God
Orner, Esther Autobiography of No One
Shapiro, Gerald In the Jewish Cemetery
Simon, Marc Thus Saieth the Angel of the Lord
Singer, Nekoda Treasure
Splitter, Randolph All Vows
Stanford, Eleanor Beto Rockefeller, Con Man
Westreich Solomon, Carol In the Garden

ISSUE 12     December 3, 2013 / Chanukah 5774

Arieli, Levi Aryeh  Emigrants
Bitterman, Amy Judith
Cerrone, Olivia Kate A Real Sephardic Beauty
Clayton, John The Converts
Hlasko, Marek Killing the Second Dog
Ickstadt, Leanore Creative Listening
Mirvis, Tova Visible City
Orbach, Michael Free Haircuts
Pies, Ronald The Return of Sheila Rosenwein
Raczymow, Henri Four Songs
Ross, Rebecca Total Immersion
Ryder, Pamela Mitzvah
Sobol, Yehoshua Silence
Teichman, Milton The Request
Zarhin, Shemi Some Day
Zierler, Wendy  The Great Canadian American Chinese Jewish Novel

ISSUE 13     April, 2014 / Pesach 5774

Appelfeld, Aharon Suddenly, Love
Avitzour, Sara (Susan) Fellow Travelers
Fiszbein, Varda The Guest
Izakson, Miron Aliza with Child
Lamm, Clifford Bellies Full of Chow
Leder, Sharon Letter to Mr. Carney
Maroney, Eric The Sad Hungarian
Martin, Daniel To Life
Mayer, Larry Frieda Metzger at the Wall
Miriam, Rivka Trading Places
Morgulis, Mikhail The Two
Potok, Andrew My Father's Keeper
Roitman, Gina The Key
Sasson, Susan When Pari Was A Bride
Serdatsky, Yente Platonic Love
Shalev, Amichai  Doolittle
Solwitz, Sharon  Korach
Wilson, Jonathan Hotel Cinema

ISSUE 14     September, 2014 / Rosh Hashana 5775

Bezmozgis, David The Betrayers
Cohen, Don Ten Dollars
Danzig, Norman The Brownstein Vanish
Eve, Nomi The Deerskin Torah
Garfunkel, Gloria No Sanctuary
Gold, Nora Fields of Exile
Kattan, Emmanuel Paths of Desire
Laufer, April Eve
Leegant, Joan The Innocent
Lowinger, Susan Three Visitors to Mitzpe Yoav
Nevo, Eshkol The Lost Solos
Novick, Margueya Touched
Oz, Ofir Oscar
Rossner, Rena Tashlich
Solomon, Zachary Shiva for Gerbils
Stern, Steve  The Pinch
Teitelbaum, Bill Kaminer Lodge
Ufberg, Ross Love Makes A Fool of the Wise
Yishai-Levi, Sarit The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem

 ISSUE 15     April, 2015 / Pesach 5775

Aaron, Chester  A Brief History of A Long War
Alyon, Nathalie Soldiers on Crystal Horses
Babel, Isaac Red Cavalry
Baird Greene, Patricia The Disappearance of Mr. Harry Golden
Bloshteyn, Maria Roza Naumovna's Recipes: Sour Cabbage Soup
Dingee Fillmore, Mary Underground in Amsterdam
Dreyer Smith, Eric What They Knew
Gordon Guedalia, Shoshana Razel Drowning
Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet One Night, Markovitch
Klempner, Rebecca Mick Revises a Love Story
Klinger, Olga America for Breakfast
Knafo Setton, Ruth Hunger - Ra’av
Laor, Yitzhak The People, Food for Kings
Levine, Mackie Chanukah
Rosenbaum, Thane Gimpel of Surfside
Rosenthal, Abby  Blue Suit
Sandler, Boris Red Shoes for Rachel
Shemesh, Edna The Sand Dunes of Paris
Tammuz, Benjamin Chameleon and Nightingale
Tulchinsky, Gerald  The Tenth Man

 ISSUE 16     September, 2015 / Rosh Hashana 5776

Abraham, Ruth The Play’s the Thing
Ames, Jonathan Wake Up, Sir!
Blank, Samuel L. The Tale of A Black Man
Brandmark, Wendy Where Have You Been?
Breall, Susan Out of the Cold
Budman, Eugenia The Great Fire
Edelglass, Elizabeth A New Year
Fried, Rivkie Ritual Bath
Friedman, Stephanie Braided
Gormezano Goren, Yitzhak Alexandrian Summer
Kanovich, Grigory Dream About the Vanished Jerusalem
Liss, S. Frederic Motherless Child
Margolis, Judith Personals
Mizraje, María Gabriela Land of Promise
Nadelson, Scott Grow or Sell
Nenner, Frederick When the Moon Is Full
Norman, Charles The Shamash
Sachs, Robert The Casket in Cogan's Cellar
Segre, Augusto Purchase of Goods of Dubious Origin
Shamir, Ayelet The Bed You Make
Spiró, György Captivity
Taeusch, William The Real Hero
Van De Riet, Joshua The Choice
Zeldis McDonough, Yona The Fig Tree

 ISSUE 17     April, 2016 / Pesach 5776

Corey, Anne Leaving Home
Distelheim, Rochelle You Can Take Me, You Can Leave Me
Ende, Jean The Great Pizza War
Evan, Raima Shelter
Ginsburg, Mitch Miki
Glickman, Mary An Undisturbed Peace
Gold, Nora The Dead Man
Gorn, Lester The Reunion
Green, Jeffrey M. Matsah and Bagpipes
Kaufman, Alan The Dancer
Kopf, Shula The View of his Last Exile
Koren, Yeshayahu Whip
Kreuter, Aaron Egypt and the Desert
Martos, Mia The Story of a Boy and his Witch-Aunt
Neugeboren, Jay Max Baer and the Star of David
Pupko, Harold Dumiyah - A Fictional Tale of Terminal Lucidity
Schein, Bernie Business As Usual
Schurr, Asaf The Building
Shepherd, Naomi Local Currency
Shulman, Yaacov David The Marvelous Revival of Rabbi Barton
Sichrovsky, Peter Onju
Teicholz, Tom Budapest Nocturne
Vida, Nina Escape to Shanghai
Warsaw, Warren Delivery in Montmartre
Zemach, Zadok Magic

 ISSUE 18     October, 2016 / Rosh Hashana 5777

Avni, Yoav Crossing A River Twice
Babel, Isaac Odessa Stories
Beckow, Yishai Ascending
Ben-Avraham, Gershon The Janitor
Berger, Lili Animals and Humans
Besserman, Perle Paulie
Bissonnet, Daniel Visiting Jack
Bosworth, Beth Doctor Menendez, Dreaming of Spiders
Bresler, Stewart Parsi
Cohen, Phil The Search for Shmulie Shimmer
Gerstein, Larry Religious Studies
Gitter, Cary Letters to Israel
Graetz, Avigail A Rabbi’s Daughter
Hoffer, Sam A Portrait in Time
Labovitz, Gail The Wife
Lekht, Naya Letters from Z
Myrvaagnes, Naomi The Jewish Bride
Olin, Marlene Barton Zuckerman
Osherson, Sam The German Girl
Rapoport Friesem, Ricky Just the Jasmine
Reisman, Dolly Driving I-95
Saccomanno, Guillermo Gesell Dome
Samuel, Yael The Border Road
Saul, Gabriel The Minister of Rain
Semel, Nava Isra Isle
Silver, Noa Strangers
Siperman, Adina Spinning, Washing, Pouring, Making, Serving
Stavans, Ilan Yom Kippur in Buenos Aires
Taub, Gadi Stitches
Taub, Yermiyahu Ahron Lettering and the Art of Living
Vigfusson, Robin Driving Lessons
Weiner, Joseph Little Changes
Wisenberg, S.L. Sheetrock

 ISSUE 19     September 2017 / Rosh Hashana 5778

Appel, Allan The Book of Norman
Appelfeld, Aharon The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping
Barbash, Benny Life in Fifty Minutes
Bathanti, Joseph Kolansky’s
Dryansky, G.Y. Immerman(n)’s Diaspora
Fiszbein, Varda Family Matters
Freier-Dror, Eytan The Fingers on the Hill
Harris, Greg Could Be Cadiz
Hart-Green, Sharon Come Back For Me
Kissina, Julia Eagles and Partridges
Lapid, Haim Milano Square
Lubliner Lehmann, Annie Utopia
Marshall, Evelyn An Incident in the Family
Mash, Yenta The Second Time Around
Merens, Michele Nowhere To Hide
Rose, Mona Leigh Devout
Rosenfeld, Steven B. Amy’s Story
Shemesh, Edna Hotel Malta
Slotkin, Richard The Other Side
Weisman, Nizan Country Temple

 ISSUE 20     March 2018 / Pesach 5778

Albalach, Noga Sealand
Alter, K.D. Repentant Watchman
Bases, Arielle Forever in India
Berger, Lili The Last Night
DeCoteau, Jonathan Word
Dickman, Susan The First Time That He Died
Hadar, Dea Sweet Dreams, Isawiya
Lvovich, Natasha Mobilis in Mobili
Marchant, Sara People, Continued
Mir-Tibon, Gali The List of the Mothers
Nesvisky, Matt The Holocaust Lover
Newman, Lesléa Jack of Hearts
Rappoport Moss, Rose A Brief Introduction to Tomorrow
Roseman, Sharon Making Matzah
Schiffman, Carl Curly Hamson and the Jewish Money
Schwartz, Brian The Seder
Schwartzman, Bryan Becoming a Man
Shutan-Goshen, Yoav One Woman, One Time
Silverman, Leah Mikvah
Wall, J.L. Blessed is the Memory

  ISSUE 21     September 2018 / Rosh Hashana 5779

Aharoni, Sara Mrs. Rothschild's Love
Barnehama, Elan Raining in the Holy Land
Bock, Carolyn The Rumors of War
Bukai, Zeeva Suspended As They Are
Halpern, Sheryl I Didn't Go to the Barbecue
Izsak, Eva Before I Was
Lazebnik, Maria The Flute Maker
Leiser, Darlene The Mechitza
Mendele Mokher Seforim The Feast of Ingathering
Roskies, David G. Footloose in Vilna, 1939
Sandor, Marjorie The Secret Music
Schept, Ken The Crimson Cap
Shimoni, Youval The Salt Line
Sichrovsky, Peter New York
Wortsman, Peter Out of Breath, Out of Mind
Ziv, Amir Four Fathers

  ISSUE 22     April 2019 / Pesach 5779

Afsai, Shai The Funeral Director
Aspril, Shay Eight Encounters With Sue
Bar-Gil, Eran Iron
Brailovsky, Antonio Elio Isaac Halevy, King of the Jews
Chernin, Kim A Christmas Conversation with a Jewish Boy
Dinezon, Jacob Samson Solomon and His Horses
Elon, Emuna House on Endless Waters
Frommer, Jacob The Search for Ernesto Gonzales
Hazan, Nicole Instructions Printed Inside the Box
Jacoby, Jay The Passing of Ruth Klein
Jagendorf, Zvi Felicity
Kont, Birte A Place Nowhere
Lampart, G. Evelyn One Good Deed, And Another
Lefenfeld, Nancy The Deep End of the Pool
Mendele Mokher Seforim A Strand of Hair
Mendele Mokher Seforim What Is Chanukah
Rohmer, Harriet Land of the Lost Daddies
Shulman, Nelly To the End of Her Path

  ISSUE 23     September 2019 / Rosh Hashana 5780

Baran, Joseph Shoemaker from Auschwitz
Dinezon, Jacob Go Eat Kreplach
Ford, Elaine Bearing Witness
Grenshaw, Geanie Post Script
Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet The Liar
Haim, Esty G. Strangers
Kohn, Penny The Call from God
Marx Levin, Sarah The Goodness of Our Fathers
Mendele Mokher Seforim For the Sabbath Day
Messer, E. C. The Puppet Theatre
Pinhas-Cohen, Hava The Language of the Windows
Rosenthal, Ann West Bank Aria
Salodof MacNeil, Jane The Night Light
Schick, Akiva Match Maker
Schieber, Phyllis The Man in the Glass Booth
Snyder, Jane R. Mr. Kops
Stern, Steve Last Laugh
Zarov, Herbert L. Among the Chosen

  ISSUE 24     April 2020 / Pesach 5780

Black-Gould, Patricia The Crystal Beads
Granader, Rob The Kippah Drawer
Gurfield, Joan Daniel’s Wife
Harris, Shawn C Persephone
Itzkowitz, Martin The Labors of Leonard Vogel
Katz, Emily Alice Q & A
Maisel, Remy The Guest
Mayoff, Steven Blue Chip
Medini, Yael Pale Blue Valley
Mendele Mokher Seforim The Trade
Moshon, Levana Milk and Honey
Newhouse, Leonid The House of Cards
Nitzan, Tal Each and Every Child
Rapoport, Nessa Evening
Semel, Nava Fanny and Gabriel
Szántó, Gábor T. The First Christmas

  ISSUE 25     September 2020 / Rosh Hashana 5781

Albalach, Noga The Old Man – Farewell
Appel, Allan The Greens of San Rodeo
Avni-Levy, Yossi The Love Peddlers
Baron, Dvora The Summer House
Berger, Lili The Rebetzin’s Sense of Justice
Bletter, Diana Jazzy Sounds of the Cicadas
Brandmark, Wendy The Mime Artist
Bybelezer, Henri That Which Can Never Be Lost: Reflections On a Theme
Distelheim, Rochelle Jerusalem As A Second Language
Freeman, Deborah Words
Golubcow, Saul Table Talk
Graubart, Philip Reb Moishe and the Beanstalks
Kleinman, Susan Set It Free
Levin, Lynn Frieda and her Golem
Panzer, Sophie Two Roads
Regenspan, David The Old Days
Saccomanno, Guillermo Haute Couture
Shakargy, Noa Mammoth

  ISSUE 26     February 2021 / Purim & Pesach 5781

Adelman, Beth A Friend
Barwin, Gary Nothing the Same, Everything Haunted
Emet, Sagit Clay Turtles
Epstein, Ann S. The Women of Tahiti
Forman, Sharon A Crocodile in the Kinneret
Gorny, Bethanie The Jewish Wonder of the Vineland Little League
Gotlieb, Anna The Interval
Hersowitz, Robert The Feast of Esther
Houri-Haim, Nora Serah
Kresh, Miriam Annie
Lederman, Diane Worthy Editor
Luria, Rachel The Illusion
Magen, Mira The Carpenter's Sister
Miller, Amanda New Life
Paper, Henry Alan The Prodigal's Bar Mitzvah Speech
Pekarovsky, Leonia Umbrella
Sherbondy, Maureen Plagued
Singer, Vered Added Value
Solway, Ezra Pendulum Swing
Stein, Carolyn Ivy What Elijah Brought
Stone, Jonathan Welcome to Otisville
Wolf, Jeffrey Belgian
Zaks-Portal, Merav Good Thing There Aren't any Children in this Story

  ISSUE 27     June 2021 / Tammuz 5781

Assayag, Céline Inverted Scream
Brown, Hannah How Many Points is Pablo Neruda?
Gordon, Alex The Secret Wedding
Greenbaum, Eli The Conversation
Isban, Samuel The Flood
Randel, Brooke Mallory and the Hologram
Shepherd, Naomi Child's Play
Sucary, Yossi Amzaleg
Taryan, Rita She Is Cigarette
Vines, Michael My Industrious Next-door Neighbor

  ISSUE 28     September 2021 / Rosh Hashana 5782

Baer, Barbara L. Leonora's Lament
Berlatsky, Katherine Growing, Burning
Beshkin, Abigail Semiformal
Dousková, Irena Luck
Gordin, Jacob A Wife Pawned and Sold
McKinney, Sara Nesher
Midcoh, Elaine Sarah's Father
Moesko, Péter The Scar
Moshon, Levana My Ladyfinger
Pasternack, Gail Here I Am
Smith, Louise Farmer The Chuppah
Susser, Susan Neighbors

  ISSUE 29     November 2021 / Chanukah 5782

Berkowitz, Aaron A Tribute to Parables
Brynin, Robert Hannah Bauman
Cohen, Riky The Literature Teacher
Hirschel, Linda Hope
Jankovits, Talya Rolling
Kaminsky, Inbar Hamakom
Kaufman, Ben Money for Menashe
Margolin, Anna In France
Papernick, Jonathan I Am My Beloveds
Rosenfeld, Davidy Vodka, Girls and Record Players
Shenkman, Harriet The Clinic
Zuckerman, Julie Rock of Ages

  ISSUE 30     April 2022 / Pesach 5782

Cohen, Eldad Wake Up, Mom
Cohen, Milton Dog Tags
Dousková, Irena Marriage
Fais, Michel The Researcher
Hamdani, Barak Yellow People
Hurvitz, Varda The Passing of Passover
Kurlandsky, Lawrence E. The Bread of Freedom
Lieberman, Tehila The Firmament and the Night Doll
Maze, Ide Dineh
Posner, Michael The Surveyors
Roitman, Gina Don’t Ask
Valente, Luize Sonata in Auschwitz
Viderman, Anne (Hannah) The Dance Master
Wiener, Julie Leaving Egypt (Passover 5752)
Zarchi, Nurit The Bean Seed / Grazing Fire
Zimler, Richard The Incandescent Threads

  ISSUE 31     September 2022 / Rosh Hashana 5783

Amir, Eli The Bicycle Boy
Dor Rappaport, Rachely Matins
Gitomer, Glenn The Ba’al Shem’s Daughter
Gorshman, Shira The Parasite
Hein, Bari Lynn Two Family Photos
Katalpa, Jakuba Zuzana's Breath
Kotz, Deborah A Taste of Mandel Bread
Kranet, Rimma You Are Here
Lampert, Gabriel Perfidious
Lehman, Eric Gabriel Grandma Tova
Makiefsky, B.L. The Return of Everything
Nadata, Shmuel The Greenberg Funeral
Resh, Danielle Soles and Souls
Rogel, Mayan Remember
Rosenthal, Tatia Issachar
Sarid, Yishai Victorious
Shiloh, Dorit Mercy
Stern, Steve The Village Idiot

  ISSUE 32     December 2022 / Chanukah 5783

Alterman, Peter Reckonings
Bar-Yosef, Hamutal Anastasia
Dropkin, Tsilye The Factory
Fried, Rivkie Wrong Sea
Gad-Cykman, Avital Special Needs
Kail, Joshua The Rabbi Who Was Saved By Jesus
Karlin, Wayne The Café of the Question Mark
Regev, Yaron A Box of Holocaust
Rynn, Margie The Moscow Expulsion
Spack, Ruth Lifesaving
Victor, Daniel King of the Ants
Zafer, Deborah Darcheinu

  ISSUE 33     March 2023 / Pesach 5783

Agnon, Shmuel Yosef Women’s Wisdom
Foighel, Nina Things Disappear
Huss, Ephrat The Lake of Galilee
Kasi, Entela Frozen Spring - Jerusalem Returning
Kotlerman, Ber Longing
Krystal, Maurice The Origin of Migraines
Moskovits-Weiss, Ela Wall
Oppenheim Elliott B. Bubbie’s Halushkes
Płaza, Maciej Golem
Russ, Mark Crumbs of Hope
Shear, Ida The Haggadah of the Chinese Jews
Shrayer-Petrov, David The Jewish Stone

  ISSUE 34     September 2023 / Rosh Hashana 5784

Brokhes, Rokhl The Burial-Attendant’s Wife
Dołowy, Patrycja Little Views
DaCosta, Jonathan Milly
Gordon, Alex Folklore
Gordon, Inna The Birthday
Mandell, Karen Repotting
Mock, Minny People Have No Idea How Busy I Am
Mushabac, Jane Song
Nochomovitz, Kayle The Daily Dare
Portnoy, Ben The Naturalization of Leo Zwillich
Waldman, Oren A Panther in Jerusalem

  ISSUE 35     December 2023 / Chanukah 5784

Alexander, Susan Halfway Home
Borshy, Allan Mr. Rosenberg
Botha, Danila Don’t Look Back
Buras, Maria Deader Than Dead
Chomsky, Gilit Vesuvius
Gold, Nora Yom Kippur in a Gym
Lachenmeyer, Nathaniel The Soloist’s Rehearsal
Luria, Rachel The Butterfly
Rosen, Corie Waiting
Serdatsky, Yente What She Seeks
Streicker, Joel Great Men of Modern Jewish American History

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