Issue 27

June 2021 / Tammuz 5781

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold


Enjoy our latest webinar, hosted by the National Library of Israel, "Jewish Fiction Written in 16 Languages: Stories as Reflections of Jewish Life Across Time and Place," when our editor, Dr. Nora Gold, briefly discussed 16 stories from Jewish Fiction .net - each originally written in a different language - and related these to some of the central themes in Jewish fiction. You can watch it here. And welcome to our summer issue! Here, for you to imbibe with your favourite cool drink, are 10 beautiful stories, originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. (more)


Samuel Isban
The Flood

Old Zadok the tallis-dealer awoke around three in the morning when in Tiberias the rains were still pouring down.   (more...)

CÚline Assayag
Inverted Scream

My mother invited me to her funeral long before she died. I asked, “Why me?” She replied, “Because I said so.”   (more...)


Rita Taryan
She Is Cigarette

We are holding hands because one of us asked the other for encouragement. It doesn’t matter who asked who—does it?   (more...)

Alex Gordon
The Secret Wedding

I didn’t attend my wedding. True, there was no wedding either; just a wedding dinner after a secret wedding   (more...)

Yossi Sucary

What’s the matter with you, he chided himself in the early afternoon hours, shortly before he drove to his parents’ home   (more...)

Hannah Brown
How Many Points Is Pablo Neruda?

Koby the truck driver has had a good week and we’re all happy for him.   (more...)


Brooke Randel
Mallory and the Hologram

Mallory has better places to be. It’s not true—she’s an eighth grader with exactly nowhere to go   (more...)

Michael Vines
My Industrious Next-door Neighbor

As I climbed the stairs to my second-floor walk-up on the not-yet-gentrified Upper West Side   (more...)

Eli Greenbaum
The Conversation

The Shabbos dinner dishes had been cleared from the dining room table along with the candlesticks and replaced by a light   (more...)


Naomi Shepherd
Child’s Play

She was certain that he would not be killed. Other wives at the children's school in the moshav were puzzled   (more...)


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