Issue 20

March, 2018 / Pesach 5778

Welcome to this delightful new issue of Jewish Fiction .net! In honour of our 20th issue, we bring you 20 fabulous stories, originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. And in celebration of Pesach, there are two stories relevant to this holiday: “The Seder” and “Making Matzah.” (more)

Brian Schwartz
The Seder

Max and Josephine hosted a Passover seder in their Tribeca apartment every year. Although Josephine insisted on playing the role of chef for the holiday,   (more...)


Rose Rappoport Moss
A Brief Introduction to Tomorrow

At the Mendel Foundation dinner for past Fellows, I line up with a plate behind the woman with Botticelli hair.   (more...)

Sharon Roseman
Making Matzah

Rebecca shakes the canister. The thudding sound is comforting. She imagines peeling off the top later, the macaroons tumbling out in clumps, mildly squashed.   (more...)

Yoav Shuten-Goshen
One Woman, One Time

The two flies rode one another in a manner that left no room for doubt. They stuck to each other with such determination that it seemed they had merged into one huge insect.   (more...)

J.L. Wall
Blessed is the Memory

This much I know is true: it was the morning after the snow fell, that day when Chicago slept late and woke with uncertain pleasure to thoughts of coffee or tea   (more...)

Gali Mir-Tibon
The List of the Mothers

The detainee was unsure whether to let hope sneak into his heart, and although he wholeheartedly wanted to avoid disappointment, he could not resist   (more...)

Natasha Lvovich
Mobilis in Mobili

"Put that book down!" Mom is yelling from the kitchen, but the only sound I hear is a muffled shriek.   (more...)

K.D. Alter
Repentant Watchman

I imagine you may be uneasy to see me here. David and Shimmy were determined to keep me out.   (more...)


Carl Schiffman
Curly Hamson and the Jewish Money

The three men who came to Curly Hamson’s office by appointment that afternoon had the gloomy aspect of funeral directors   (more...)

Arielle Bases
Forever in India

When I was a little girl, my grandmother, Hilde, used to tell me that people often could be best described as colors.   (more...)

Jonathan DeCoteau

“Words are the only things that last forever” (Winston Churchill). Let’s say that this isn’t one of those it’s all a dream stories or he’s really a ghost stories   (more...)

Noga Albalach

Sand. There was sand in the stairwell again. Nathan Carmi stood still and lifted his head, trying to catch sounds from the upper floor.   (more...)

Leah Silverman

Brenda’s glad it’s only Friday night, that she’ll have more than a full day alone before her father comes over.   (more...)

Bryan Schwartzman
Becoming A Man

We didn’t light Shabbat candles on Friday nights or go to synagogue on Saturday mornings, but, with religious procession, we assembled in front of the TV   (more...)


Sara Marchant
People, Continued

When Andi answered the phone, Grandmother was mid-sentence in panicked speech. These calls were not new, they had been coming with increasing   (more...)


Lili Berger
The Last Night

The heavy shadows of night enveloped the small shabby room. The little lamp on the writing table, covered in a very dark shade, casts only a pale glow.   (more...)


Susan Dickman
The First Time That He Died

The first time that he died, he had been sitting in a café on the Street of the Prophets in Jerusalem pondering the name of his wife’s lover   (more...)


Matt Nesvisky
The Holocaust Lover

Tobsha Pechersky was hiding from the Nazis. He knew it without knowing it. He didn’t know he knew, but deep inside of him, in the part of him where his love for her resided, he absorbed this knowledge.   (more...)

Dea Hadar
Sweet Dreams, Isawiya

2:02 AM I march in the dark with my battle ration and climb the ladder up to Guard Post 3 on the bare roof. Corporal Motti is waiting there.   (more...)

Lesléa Newman
Jack of Hearts

And then before she had a chance to turn around, the very first night of the very first Chanukah without him arrived and it was time to make the latkes   (more...)


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