Issue 36

April 2024 / Pesach 5784

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to Issue 36 – our “double chai” issue! Here you’ll find 13 brilliant stories originally written in 5 languages: Polish, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, we bring you 5 Pesach stories! (more)


Peretz Markish
Janusz Korczak’s Last Day

The next day, announcements appeared on the walls, ordering all children to report to the Umschlagplatz   (more...)

Zyta Rudzka
Dr. Josef's Little Beauty

They all feared the summer, but no one spoke of it. And now it was setting in. Gradually. Unhurriedly. Relentlessly.   (more...)

Romit Samson
The Back Kitchen

He never forgot the first time they met. The municipal building stood in the heart of the old part of the city   (more...)

Hersh Smolar
The Family

No such command had been issued, and no one had ever considered who it was that had granted the family such unlimited rights.   (more...)


Benjamin Guggenheim
Who Passed Whom

Motive. Well, we had no shortage of that. Two hundred and ten years of all the worst crimes you could possibly imagine.   (more...)


Beth Sherman
Lemon Drops

When he died, their father had two requests. The first was easy: Visit the gravesite once a month and recite the Mourner’s Kaddish.   (more...)


Sarah Lerner
This Night of Nights

Sol sits apart from the others on an empty ammunition box and writes how much he misses them.   (more...)


Ariel Horowitz
Our Finest

Menachem and Shoshana Laufer dedicated their retirement to an array of hobbies and endeavors they’d neglected over the years.   (more...)

David Shrayer-Petrov

From this entire seething adventure, crime, tragic incident (I don’t know how best to identify what happened before my eyes   (more...)


Susan S. Levine

Will’s parents must have decided together that Sandra would be the one to help them die.   (more...)


Alana Goldman
The Next Stop

I’m often asked why I chose to be a bus driver. It’s long hours with little pay, and the frequent strikes are an added benefit.   (more...)

Stephen Rosen

Am I the only grandson on the planet who doesn’t remember his grandparents with fondness and nostalgia?   (more...)


Adam Katz
The Seder

At the head of the table, a man nearing the end of his middle years sat in starched shirtsleeves   (more...)

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