Issue 19

September 2017 / Rosh Hashana 5778

Welcome to this delightful issue of Jewish Fiction .net! In celebration of our 7th birthday, we bring you a superb issue containing 20 first-rate works of fiction, originally written in Spanish, Russian, Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. (more)

Yenta Mash
The Second Time Around

In the middle of the night, Ella awoke with a start, frightened to death. Hailstones pounded on the shutters, threatening to smash them to pieces...   (more...)

Aharon Appelfeld
The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping

Every day I became more alert. The food was plentiful, the milk was fresh and tasty, and I gobbled...   (more...)


Greg Harris
Could Be Cadiz

Rosen blamed the keening of gulls, the gentle crash of surf on Positano’s pebble beach, and the cries of the Italian children at play.   (more...)

Julia Kissina
Eagles and Partridges

“Soul,” said Lidochka, sixteen, frail body, a heavenly face of a little demon. “That’s the most important sex organ!”   (more...)


Edna Shemesh
Hotel Malta

Each morning in the spring of 1945, from the day the war ended and the trains began bringing them home, her father awakened in the empty house   (more...)

Joseph Bathanti

Mr. Kolansky had been in a Concentration Camp, but that meant little to the three boys who tormented him.   (more...)

Eytan Freier-Dror
The Fingers on the Hill

You were younger then than I am now. You sat on the board and gripped the metal chains. I stood behind you and pushed the swing.   (more...)

Sharon Hart-Green
Come Back For Me

I finally received permission to leave the kibbutz and travel to Be’er Yaakov. It took a while to find it on the sprawling map...   (more...)


Varda Fiszbein
Family Matters

Like every year for more than twenty-five now – almost thirty, I quickly recalculate – we’ve come here to Lidia’s house to celebrate her birthday.   (more...)


Allan Appel
The Book of Norman

When I had returned to New York after my father Paul’s funeral, I already knew that something about his death and my presiding over his grave had changed everything.   (more...)


Steven B. Rosenfeld
Amy's Story

It had always been Amy’s story. As far back as she could remember, when she was six or seven or eight, her father, Hans, had told it to her when he tucked her in at night.   (more...)

Mona Leigh Rose

“‘Brainwash’ is a strong word, Rachel.” “How else do you explain it, Rabbi? He started the summer my sweet little boy. Now he’s like those crazy Black Hats..."   (more...)

Annie Lubliner Lehmann

The worst part of dying, Hanna thought as she settled into the theater’s cool darkness, was never again being able to watch a movie.   (more...)

Benny Barbash
Life in Fifty Minutes

‘All there is between me and my husband is a coffee stain.’ Said Zahava after thirty-seven minutes of soul-searching as she lay on the couch   (more...)

Nizan Weizman
Country Temple

It happened on one of those Saturdays when we rose early, leaving the children to sleep in, and drove off to view houses.   (more...)

Evelyn Marshall
An Incident in the Family

I was born Tamma Millerman. Tamma is a Hebrew name that means “without flaw”. In 1935, I was almost ten years old.   (more...)


Michele Merens
Nowhere To Hide

Like her grandmother, Caren relies not only on words but both hands to talk. They move in windmill fashion to tamp the air.   (more...)

Haim Lapid
Milano Square

Ten days after her husband’s death Ilana went to bed with Mahmid. When her husband Nahum lay dying Ilana saw a documentary   (more...)


G.Y. Dryansky
Immerman(n)'s Diaspora

At the end of the summer of 1970, three years after the Six-Day War, Rodolphe Immerman was nearing his twenty-fifth anniversary as a noted piano teacher in Paris.   (more...)

Richard Slotkin
The Other Side

My wife’s people and mine came from a dozen different shtetls scattered across eastern Poland, White Russia and the western Ukraine.   (more...)


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