Issue 32

December 2022 / Chanukah 5783

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to our Chanukah issue! Here you’ll find 12 superb stories, originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. (For more details, see our Preface.) And some exciting news:
Academic Studies Press will be publishing an anthology of fiction from Jewish Fiction .net – 18 stories, each translated into English from a different language!
This book will come out this fall, so keep your eyes open for updates. (more)

Tsilye Dropkin
The Factory

When the young man from Broadway came to town and built factories, young and old, large and small came from the surrounding hills looking for work.   (more...)


Wayne Karlin
The Café of the Question Mark

Europe becomes a room. The same room. Cramped and cold and dark as a cave.   (more...)

Yaron Regev
A Box of Holocaust

There is a box of Holocaust hidden under my grandmother’s sink. I hear it every day, at lunch time, when she stands over the stove holding a large wooden ladle   (more...)

Hamutal Bar-Yosef

“Sometimes I feel the need to pray to God, to cross myself, to plead,” she whispered. And immediately, as if dismissing an involuntary intrusive thought   (more...)


Margie Rynn
The Moscow Expulsion

“May onions grow from his belly button!” Fania stood in the doorway. Her hat was wilted, her eyes were wild, her skirts spattered with mud.   (more...)

Peter Alterman

Lily stared into the mirror in her office washroom checking her makeup. Who was she, this woman? The more she lived, the less she knew.   (more...)

Daniel Victor
King of the Ants

At first, Rabbi Moses Glitski had a hard time understanding exactly how the Zoom meetings worked. When he stared directly at the little rectangle on the screen   (more...)


Deborah Zafer

The rabbi calls to ask how many chairs you will need. You hold the phone against your chest and turn to your brother to ask   (more...)


Avital Gad-Cykman
Special Needs

When she, all large eyes and frail bones, arrived, a man in uniform helped her onto the dock and asked her in Yiddish, “Vi iz ayer nomen?”   (more...)

Josh Kail
The Rabbi Who Was Saved By Jesus

Not too long ago in the shtetl of Astoria, Queens, a woman walked energetically around her apartment.   (more...)


Rivkie Fried
Wrong Sea

It is late the next day when the news reaches them. When the doorbell rings, Hannah admits the air force officer and distractedly calls out to Gadi, her husband   (more...)

Ruth Spack

“Hakshivu, hakshivu!” The wake-up call blasts through the loudspeaker, shattering Beth’s dreams. Cold New Hampshire air bites her nose.   (more...)


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