Issue 29

November 2021 / Chanukah 5782

By the Editor, Dr. Nora Gold

Welcome to our Chanukah issue! Here you’ll find 12 splendid stories, originally written in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. And in honour of the upcoming holiday, one of them is a Chanukah story: “Rock of Ages.” Also for your enjoyment: an excellent, thoughtful article about Jewish Fiction .net, “Jewish Fiction Thrives in the Digital Era,” which came out this month in The Jerusalem Report. (Non-subscribers can read this article here.) And if you are interested in Ruth Wisse’s new memoir (or Yiddish literature in general), here is the book review written by our editor, Dr. Nora Gold, which was recently published in The Montréal Review. (more)


Anna Margolin
In France

Every evening he comes home to his large, disquieting room and drinks tea and talks with his daughter.   (more...)

Jonathan Papernick
I Am My Beloveds

Shira sat between Ben and Liz, her damp hands clutching both Ben’s and Liz’s as the lights went down.   (more...)

Aaron Berkowitz
A Tribute To Parables

They asked too many questions, Jonathan and Chayim, these boys of hers. They wanted to know about her past   (more...)

Linda Hirschel

Mrs. Gold’s doctor had suggested to Lisa that she send her mother to a morning club for the elderly   (more...)

Talya Jankovits

When the shofar blasted, it rang loud and heavy, weighing down the ears of the living   (more...)


Robert Brynin
Hannah Bauman

They say that every problem has a solution. What they could add is that given enough money that solution can usually be found.   (more...)

Julie Zuckerman
Rock of Ages

Two full days in Cooperstown? Sounded a bit long to Jeremiah, but the trip was his son-in-law’s idea   (more...)


Riky Cohen
The Literature Teacher

The day after Mom came back from her second stay in the mental hospital, a new literature teacher took charge of our class.   (more...)

Davidy Rosenfeld
Vodka, Girls and Record Players

It all started when Sergei, Mr. Gold, and I were sitting together at the bus station on Ben Yehuda Street   (more...)


Inbar Kaminsky

It is said that if you let a child develop its own language without any outside influence, that language would be strikingly similar to Hebrew.   (more...)

Harriet Shenkman
The Clinic

Ever since his grandfather tossed empty packs of Camels and Danny lined them up pretending his caravan was heading to hidden pools of water   (more...)


Ben Kaufman
Money for Menashe

On our last day together in Israel, my brother and I were called into our grandmother’s room.   (more...)


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